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Enrollment doesn't start and stop after sign up

Through research and iteration our teams learned that users need recommendations on where to start and how to acheive goals. Users expect simple automation - content like logos and imagery that are shared between campaign type.

We lovingly called the concept "Seeing is Believing" and it ran like wildfire across the organization - if we could use a customers' own content within various campaigns they would be more likely to explore other features that the product offered, but if we coupled this with goals and generate a schedule of multiple campaigns? Conversion, feature adoption, retention.

Results? 22% take-rate for recommendations with user-content versus our control of 1.6%

Constant Contact Information Architecture

We're not hiding features, we're organizing things based on use.

Our information architecture needed an overhaul. Years of adding new features that were inconsistent across product were causing major tech/design debt. Our navigation alone would overflow if a user wasn't on a large desktop computer!

Looking at our analytics, email was the top used feature at 99%. This number dropped significantly (63%-Signup Forms, 22%-Events, 2%-Social, .01%-websites) After several tree-sorting exercises we narrowed in on user expectations and created prototypes. We found that users expected a "create" experience, for it to be more robust and carry more weight with our features, explaining what each tool was for as well as breaking this into high-level goals.

The rest of the navigation could be more tailored to that specific user, even customizable.

It's okay that some campaigns don't have a thumbnail, right?

Our experience for finding, filtering, and searching all campaigns needed a lot of love. When I started we normalized all campaign actions, thumbnails, previews, and metrics across all campaign types. Customers asked and we delivered a grid view, a calendar view and provided better filters and sorting. We also worked on creating a modern search experience and exposed the most useful actions that users wanted on each campaign type.

Our work in simplifying the product and thinking more wholisticly decreased tech debt and design debt across every team within the entire organization. Oh, and we reduced 10 dashboards to 1!

Constant Contact Information Architecture