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Playing and drawing are two of the most rudimentary explorations within creativity. Within design, there is the concept and execution, and the only way to get there is through exploration.

My father has many amazing stories. The time a pitchfork went up through his foot while rope swinging in his father's barn, cycling trips to Europe with his wife and two of his children, and building his own house from the ground up, are just a few. One story I love to hear from when I was too young to actually remember takes place when I was a young child while vacationing by camper across the United States. We were in South Dakota visiting the Badlands National Park and we had stopped to eat lunch. He recalls that, while he was eating his sandwich, I was watching a cow grazing in a field. Upon closer inspection he saw that I was repeatedly tracing the outline of the cow's figure with my eyes only to then draw that same cow later that night.

Of course everyone loves to hear stories about themselves from their loved ones, usually laughter follows and many times it instills confidence and a healthy self esteem. I love this story because it reassures me that I have always been a visual thinker and I will always be a visual thinker.